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Flag of Israel - Author: edu_castro27 / Pixabay

Israel is the country that best illustrates the contradictions of capitalism and current geopolitics. While the prevailing religion in the country is Judaism, they support and sell arms to extreme right-wing terrorist groups in Ukraine that maintain a clearly anti-Semitic position and close to Hitler's socialist national ideology.

And this is not something that we say, they denounce Israeli activists based on the few information that the media in the country manage to publish avoiding military censorship. The latest investigation, published by the local newspaper Haaretz, explains how Israeli arms have ended up in the hands of a Ukrainian neo-Nazi group called Azov.

Azov is a terrorist organization that has the support of the coup government of Kiev, which considers them part of the Ukrainian armed forces and gives them permission to use weapons from Israel. The first commander of Azov was Andriy Biletsky, a far-right nationalist. Most of the members of this unit known as the Azov Regiment come from eastern Ukraine.

Although the details of the export of Israeli weapons are not made public due to censorship, it has recently been observed that in photographs and video recordings, Azov members possess Israeli-made weapons. The aforementioned media explains that this is not the first time that the Israeli arms factories work for groups that embrace the socialist national ideology, and cites other occasions in which Israeli arms have gone to anti-Semitic or neo-Nazi groups.

The Israeli government's desire to sell its weapons often makes it happy because of the proliferation of extreme right-wing groups in Europe, such as in Poland or Hungary, without taking into account that often the leaders of these groups, even within the Hungarian government, champion the denial of the Holocaust and anti-Semitism.

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