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Russian woman - Autor: KenFukunaga / Pixabay

While in Qatar or UAE the statistics say that there are almost two men for every woman, in other countries like Russia the number of women is much higher than that of men. If you are single and you think about changing your mind, pay attention to this list of countries in which, by statistics, you have to have easier to find the woman of your life.


Russia is considered by many to be a paradise for western singles due to the great beauty of its women, which must be on the list of people. .

Specifically, in this country there are 0.86 men per woman. The difference grows more in some cities like Ivanovo, where there are 190 women for every 100 men; While, in Yaroslavl, the proportion is 179 per 100.


Another country that has a spectacular number of women in Mexico. Specifically, in this North American country there are 2.8 million women more than men, according to a study conducted by the National Population Council (CONAPO).


In this European country there are 46% of men, which becomes one of the places where more men are needed to increase the population. As in Russia, many women have serious difficulties in finding a partner in Ukraine.


According to the latest statistical data published in 2017, the female population of Hungary is 53%, while that of men is 47%. That is to say, the ratio is 0.91 men per woman, which makes Hungary a country with conditions similar to those of its neighbor Ukraine.

Northern Mariana Islands

In this place, in the Pacific Ocean, there are 756 men for every 1,000 women. No doubt an ideal place to vacation and who knows if you can find a partner.

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